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About the Authors

Anne H. Wood and Brian Keesling are horse people. Anne has spent a lifetime with horses—from Shetland ponies to show jumpers. In recent years, both Anne and Brian have ridden dressage. Anne and Brian’s co-authored stories have appeared in a variety of magazines, including The Literary Review, Other Voices, North Dakota Quarterly, American Way (American Airlines in-flight magazine), First for Women, Confrontation, Eureka Literary Magazine, The Grasslands Review, and The Cream City Review (fiction contest winner). Anne has twice had stories cited as One of the 100 Other Distinguished Short Stories of the Year in The Best American Short Story collections. Brian won The New Voice Award from the Writer’s Voice in New York.

About the Illustrator

Rose Lowry has been drawing since she could hold a crayon or—much to her mother’s chagrin—a tube of lipstick. And horses were the subject long before this horse-crazed teenager started visiting all the neighborhood paddocks, finally getting a beautiful black horse of her own. Rose’s illustrations have appeared in ads, annual reports, brochures, greeting cards, magazines, packaging, retail signage, textbooks, trade show displays, T-shirts, Web sites, private collections, and a special appearance in the recent documentary film, Buck. More of her work can be found on her Web site,

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Black Beauty Son

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